Thoughts #1

Currently in week 6 of the spring semester.  Definitely “in the shit” if you can dig a ‘Nam reference or “in the weeds” if you’ve worked in and understand restaurant lingo.  I have a paper due Thursday, a presentation next Tuesday, and another paper next Thursday… But, ironically, I still try to make time for blogging.  In appearance, this just seems like piling more work onto school stuff, but this is actually a release.  All the pent up thought and feelings that accrue during the semester can be let out here… No, this post isn’t directly pop culture-related.  But this is the life of the English grad student: we read constantly, absorbing authors’ ideas and writing out reactions, and then write in conjunction with the reading.  It’s all generic though, it occurs a certain way because that output is held up to an academic standard.

Grad school is a learning experience.  Being a student is living as a walking, breathing sponge, trying to soak in so much thought and input that the writing aspect seems at odds with that first goal.  And yet here, blogging, this feels like really putting knowledge to work.

Why that’s so, I’m still thinking about.  But I have a few ideas.



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