Thoughts #2


Do you ever have that feeling of living at a different pace than others? You move along your trajectory of life, and reach out to a friend on their trajectory (via phone call, text, messaging, whatever) to catch up for a second.  They’re special to you for some reason, and even though you and they must part, the shared moments are worth the heartaches that follow.

That brief merge of trajectories prods emotions within a friendship, reviving the memories of a shared past.  You move in unison for a moment; it’s like riding a train and, as you stare out the window, another train whoosh on its way by.  After it’s gone by, is it a sadness that hits you? emptiness? That whooshing still rings in your ears, and the moment stretches far beyond the parameters of ordinary moments; you recall the past and consider your future. Will your path converge with your friend’s again? Will you veer off, slipping further away and eventually out of their reach? Or is it easiest to empty your mind and ride the train, to ride blithely wherever it may be going.

Then that moment ends.  You’ve caught up, or they’ve answered the question you asked them in the first place, and that’s that.  They speed on their path and your away on yours, eyes ahead towards the future but your mind back where you left your friend. Mystified or enlightened, you carry on.



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